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FOSSMeet is the annual event on Free and Open source software, conducted at National Institute of Technology, Calicut. Started in 2005 as FLOSS(Free/Libre Open Source Software) Meet with a vision to create a culture of innovation, evolution and open standards, the meet intends to support the FOSS community, open education system and dissemination of FOSS ideology.

Pre-FOSSMeet '16

FOSSCell, NIT Calicut along with Tathva '15 teamed up with Mozilla Firefox, one of the largest open-source communities in the world to conduct the Day of Code. A 24-hour FxOS hackathon was conducted on September 19th, 2015 to mark the Software Freedom Day. The quality apps produced at the end of the hackathon is an outstanding example of how collaboration can lead to world-class open source products.

What to expect ?

The event will feature a wide range of workshops, discussions and lectures by eminent personalities. FOSSMeet will also consist of various hands-on sessions which would help in contributing to various open source projects. Upholding the philosophy of FOSS, the event has talks and workshops dealing with the current trends in FOSS and open hardware, hands-on sessions to develop skills and a place to meet like minded people.



You have absolute freedom to do whatever you want with the software. No one's locking you down from taking a look at the code, making and breaking it should you feel like. No one's stopping you from being creative with the amazing piece of software that you already have.


You can either work with software that you have no idea or assurance as to how it handles your data or you can work with software that is trusted by millions worldwide. Also, the fact that the source code is available makes it less prone to security vulnerabilities, because "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow".


Should there be a serious bug, a fix to the bug will be released within a matter of days, whereas it might take months for commercial software vendors to do the same. For the simple reason that the vulnerabilities get fixed soon, there aren't many viruses that plague OSS.


Free software gets the whole community involved in working together to fix problems. Users not only report bugs, they even fix bugs and send in fixes. Free software packages do not always compete commercially, but they still compete for a good reputation, and a program which is unsatisfactory will not achieve the popularity that developers hope for.

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